Check the Freezer

Featured in Lombardi’s debut humor book Junk Sale, “Check the Freezer” brings a whole lot of laughs while discussing a mother’s captivation with a freezer.

Learn to Serve:
A Guide for the Serving Impaired

8 Stages Every Driver Goes Through on Their Morning Commute

Cartoon driver 01 main guy
Whether or not you commute to work or school, you know that a commuter’s fluctuating mood during their morning drive is one step short of a full-on soap opera.

There’s Something in the Air on Sundays

Things to Do While You Wait for Your Girlfriend to Get Ready

Cartoon bf 08 law school
If you’re ever stuck waiting for your girlfriend to get ready, there’s a possibility that you may run out of ideas for things to keep you occupied. Don’t fear! There are still a bunch of things you can do.